Amenaza de asesinato en el Manifesta Coffee Break de Murcia
12 diciembre 2009, 14:25
Filed under: 2010 MANIFESTA 8

Los comisarios de Manifesta 8 Bassam El Baroni y Jeremy Beaudry han recibido una carta amenanzándoles de asesinato. La carta viene firmada  por el colectivo Take of the Sea.Se están tomando medidas de seguridad al respecto. Recogemos a continuación estractos obtenidas de dicha carta:

“I really appreciate your invitation to Take to the Sea as a collective. Indeed, every time we engage together in a project, our identity as a collective is fortified. The long nights we’ve worked to put this presentation were nothing but an empowerment to our brand as a collective. By the same token, Manifesta seems to promote the collective, by inviting curatorial collectives to organize the biennale, just like yourselves.”

“Well, maybe North Africa is not always equally interested in conversing. And as much as I worked so hard to challenge the image of the Arab terrorist, or stone thrower, I must admit, I had to do one more act of assassination. Violence sometimes is the only thing that relieves me.” 

“And Jeremy, forgive me. You had to be killed as well, although my issue was more with Bassam. I did that because I treat you as a collective, one that is inclusive to its own members. Both of you had to die and I had to reclaim my moment of power by killing you.”